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Most Wild birds in the UK are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The act covers the birds, their nests and eggs.

However, There are several species of bird that have been deemed to be pests for various reasons. This may be due to them presenting a risk to public health or due to the crop damage they cause. As this is the case, the law has granted permission for some birds to be acted against in specified ways to reduce or eradicate the risks they pose to people and property.

The main problem with birds is their natural tendency to flock together. This means that, once a few birds have become established in an area, many more of their number will take this as a signal that all is safe and well and join with them. In a short space of time, the few will have become the many, and that is when the problems start.

Bird Faeces are known to be very acidic in nature. Therefore, an accumulation of droppings can quickly erode the fabric of a building. This will include brickwork, painted surfaces, uPVC guttering and window frames.

The Consequences of human health are also a recognised danger in areas where birds congregate. Not only does the dust from bird faeces create the hazard of chronic severe respiratory diseases, but the droppings themselves contain several diseases that are harmful to the public; toxoplasmosis, salmonella and psittacosis to name a few. The latter is a febrile illness that shows signs and symptoms similar in nature to many severe illnesses such as pneumonia and meningitis.

The costs of providing a roosting site for a flock of birds doesn't stop at the damage they cause to health and property. One of the reasons that birds choose a place will be due to the proximity of suitable food. If this supply of food is connected to your business in some way, for example, if you are a farmer who needs to store grain or cereals to supply food producers or feed livestock, the ongoing costs of feeding an ever-increasing number of birds can become enormous.

The law states that bird control must first be attempted using non-lethal methods. Moreover, indeed, experience has shown that the control of birds by eradication is less effective than methods that involve removing or preventing access to their food source or blocking off areas where they roost. These practices of bird proofing are affected by strategically placing blunt spikes, nets or wires on the places where the birds land to sleep or gain access to food.

Our years of experience of dealing with bird control have given us much insight into the best and most effective ways to bird proof an area, and so we are confident of a satisfactory outcome. However, should bird proofing fail to solve the problem, we also have at our disposal, the means to eradicate the problem using lethal methods.

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